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Lots of New Photos

Cave Formations Gallery Henley Pub Crawl - June 2011 South Wales Trip - May 2011 Star Wars House Party - March 2011
AGM - March 2011 Yorkshire Trips - Febuary-March 2011 Caveman Social - February 2011 Scotland Skiing Trip - Christmas 2010
Christmas Party 2010 CHECC 2010 Halloween House Party - October 2010 South Wales Trip - October 2010

I am happy to announce a lot of new photos have now been added to the site – these were taken during many of our club events over the past year… To access them all, either click on a thumbnail above to go to the relevant gallery, or visit our Photos section. Many thanks to all those who have taken them!

By the way, now that we have moved to a new system, it should hopefully be much quicker to add photos to the site in future, so from now on they should (finally!) be appearing far more frequently…! That’s the plan, anyway…

Name That Committee!

Name That Committee logo

On this page you can see an interesting overview of both committee members and Christmas Party themes over the years, as far as we can remember… It has been compiled by Dr Methane, using only his famed mental faculties, some useful comments from older members and a couple of bottles of wine.

Interestingly the years John had the most trouble with were the ones when he was on the committee.