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Name Those Pants – This Week’s New Entries

Ladypants2Another week, another trip to the hut, and another couple of pairs of pants! These new pants will be added to the game that has caught the imagination of RUCC members the world over –  NAME THOSE PANTS!

Are they your pants, or have you seen them hiding the intimates of someone you know? All entries into ‘NAME THOSE PANTS’ will be also be added to the ‘Shrine O’ Pants’ that we are planning as a  piece of installation art in the hut.

4 thoughts on “Name Those Pants – This Week’s New Entries

  1. widget

    I was never in it for the glory, but just feel anyone who is considering owning up should note that i haven’t received my hydration receptable thing yet!

  2. paul

    Right – John has been introduced to his Precision Hydration Receptacle. Sadly I have no more as people keep breaking in and stealing them. Can source a load more though, I have contacts. I notice the reticence of the female cohort of the club to name pants.
    Charlotte – patience, these things take time and as webmaster I don’t want to be seen to bias any election chances. Then again, maybe later in the week.

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