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Welcome to Our New and Improved Website

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I am delighted to welcome you to our brand new website! Our old site has served us well over the last 8+ years, however we decided it was time to give it a bit of a lick of paint… So what’s new? In a nutshell:

  • Brand new look and feel, whilst remaining true to the spirit of the previous site.
  • More ways for club members to participate on and interact with the site. Add comments to any post, page, gallery or photo, and even add new posts to the front page! Find out more »
  • Calendar on the top right with links to details of all upcoming club events.
  • Better integration with Facebook. Easily share any post or page, and even log into this site with your Facebook username! We’ll be adding additional Facebook integration in the near future…
  • Easier to get in touch with committee members and enquire about joining the club, using our new Contact Form!
  • And last but not least, the new site is much easier to maintain, which means that it can (at last!) be updated much more frequently!

Of course I’d love your feedback on these changes – got any suggestions for improvements, ideas for the site, or have spotted any errors? Please let me know – either by adding a comment below this post, or by using the new contact form »

Older members will be aware that these changes have been in the works for quite some time. There are plenty of further plans though – over the next few weeks there should be lots more activity… In the meantime, many thanks to Paul Fellows, who set up our original site and devoted a huge amount of time to it; as well as to those of you who helped out with this new one – particularly Jo Meldner and Kat Hooper.

By the way, the old site hasn’t completely vanished off the face of the earth – you can still access it from

So, here’s to the next 8 years!

Patrick Hathway

A Review of the Past Year or Two…

Poster1smHere’s a big poster of top pictures for the last couple of years, culled from stuff on my hard drive. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder of the stupid and fun stuff we’ve done. Warning – a big download at 5.4 Mb, but I suggest you download it to your hard drive and then print it – it should print out to an A4 printer OK. Let me know if not.

Farewell, thanks for all the comments on the site, and here’s to 2006/7. Who’s organising Fresher’s Fayre…

Devon, June 2006


This weekend we mostly:

– Jumped off a 7 metre cliff, whilst coasteering

– Proceded to measure it, because we’re sad, and had rope

– Drank cider, and stole Richard’s clothes.

Oh, and did some caving. Photos of this weekend are now posted here. Those present know that alternative photos exist. I shall leave this to the judgement and modesty of the current webmaster. Special thanks to Andy Rumming for setting it all up.

A reminder – ‘Go Ape’ is set up for Sunday 25th. let Caitlin know if you want to go.

Name Those Pants – This Week’s New Entries

Ladypants2Another week, another trip to the hut, and another couple of pairs of pants! These new pants will be added to the game that has caught the imagination of RUCC members the world over –  NAME THOSE PANTS!

Are they your pants, or have you seen them hiding the intimates of someone you know? All entries into ‘NAME THOSE PANTS’ will be also be added to the ‘Shrine O’ Pants’ that we are planning as a  piece of installation art in the hut.